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February 25, 2013
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(( I suggest listening to this while reading, It's 'Can you Feel the Love Tonight, the music box version, it just gives off a softer feeling.… ))

There's a calm surrender to the rush of day
When the heat of a rolling world can be turned away
An enchanted moment, and it sees me through
It's enough for this restless warrior just to be with you

"I don't see why I had to come as well, bastard" I grumbled under my breath while we hurried towards the French bastards front door. It was the dead of winter for fucks sake, why would we be having a small get together!?
"Because Lovi, it'll be good for you to get out of the house a bit more!" The brunette grinned in response, his wide smile visible in the moonlight lit atmosphere. I looked away from his smile to his eyes that shimmered green in the pale light, giving them a peaceful and calm look.  
Ugh, get it together, Lovino!

"Oi! How would you know whether I've been going out the house or not?" I huffed irritable, cocking an eyebrow at him in curiosity. When I saw his grin falter, I had caught onto something.  
"… Antonio, what are you not telling-  
"Forget about it, Lovi, come on, we're gonna be late!" The green eyed man interrupted me, grabbing my hand with his and yanking me forward so we were running.  

"Slow down, idiot! Let go of my hand!" I yelped, my face as dark as the red roses in Francis' garden. God dammit... how did Toni know I haven't been leaving the house much these days? how I don't know, but as long as he didn't know why, that was fine.  

And can you feel the love tonight
It is where we are
It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer
That we got this far
And can you feel the love tonight
How it's laid to rest
It's enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best.

"Ah, there you are, Antionio! We were waiting for you!" Francis laughed, walking over to us and slinging his arms around our shoulders, giving us both a peck on the cheek. Antonio just snickered, while I just growled.  
Yeah, naturally I wasn't being waited on. No one wanted a crabby ass like me.  
"I'm going to Feliciano" I mumbled under my breath, seeing my baby brother sitting on the stair step, waving frantically at me. Antonio just nodded, and pushing the arm off me I walked over to Feli, his smile growling larger when I actually acknowledged him.  

"Fratello, you came! I didn't think you were going to!" Feli laughed, hugging me tightly around the waist.  
"Yeah, yeah. Antonio made me come along, said I was in my room to much" I grumbled out, crossing my arms. Feli giggled quietly, shuffling over to me with a stupid smirk on his face.
"To busy fantasizing about Tonio, where you?" Feliciano's giggle turned into a full blow laugh as I punched him in the shoulder, my face going even redder.  

"Shut up idiot, I have not...! Well... maybe a little" I admitted gruffly, my lower lip now sticking out in an irritated pout. My little fratello snickerd, nudging me with his elbow.  
"I don't blame you, he's pretty good looking... Hey, hey, don't look at me like that fratello, I don't mean it like that, you know that!" Feliciano defended himself after my gaze turned into a heated glare.  
"Yeah, that's what I thought... you've got that potato-
"And you've got your tomato~"
"Eh? There's tomato's? Where?"  
Of course at that moment, Antonio showed up with eagerly lit eyes. God, his eyes looked amazing...
Fucking-- Lovino, stop that!!

"What do you want?" I grumbled, ignoring the huff from my brother to be nicer. Antonio's face flased with sudden realization, and he looked down at me with a grin, his curly, brown hair ruffling with the movement.  
"Right, I nearly forgot! Lovino, come dance with me, si?" Antonio grinned, and god fucking dammit those fucking puppy eyes.
"No! I'm not dancing, bastard! Oi, let go of me-- Feli, help!" I cried out when Antonio grabbed my arms anyway, hauling me up.
"Arrivederci, fratello!" My supposedly dear baby brother giggled, waving to me while I was dragged onto the floor, a rather familiar song coming on...  

There's a time for everyone if they only learn
That the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn
There's a rhyme and reason to the wild outdoors
When the heart of this star-crossed voyager beats in time with yours

"Elton John, really?" I snickered, seeing Antonio pout at my critical attitude.  
"Sir Elton John is awesome, Lovino! Don't hate, mi amor" The brunette snickered, his tanned skin brushing against mine as he grabbed me around the waist.  
"W-Wait, you seriously want to dance to this?!" I squeaked, not noticing the fact that he had locked his fingers between mine.  

"I don't see why not" Antonio shrugged, pulling me closer from around the waist so that our bodies were touching.  
Oh crap... I could just feel the blush burning on my cheeks now, the pink hue invisible on my face at the moment, so I said my silent thank you to Francis for shutting off the lights.  
Oh... and something else.

"Antonio... I don't know how to dance" I admitted with a huff, looking away from him to the floor. He was silent for a moment, before I hear him go:
"Oh! Lovino, step on my toes like you did when you were younger!" Antonio laughed and to prove his point, nudging his foot against mine.  
"What?! I'll be to heavy, idiot!" I snarled back, but of course I was ignored by my complaints. Antonio snorted though, that was the only response.  
"Lovi, I carry you to bed nearly every tme you come over and fall asleep on my couch, you're lighter than a feather" the Spaniard snickered "Now come on, the songs going to be nearly over at this rate!"

And can you feel the love tonight
It is where we are
It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer
That we got this far
And can you feel the love tonight
How it's laid to rest
It's enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best

"Hmmph. Fine, but I'm sure you'll regret it" I muttered with a pout, my curl crumping slightly. We were about to start dancing, before I heard a hollering and obnoxious yell from behind us.  
"Oh! Antonio's gonna get some tonight!!" Gilbert shouted, this time totally throwing me off the whole dancing thing.
"Forget this, it's stupid" I grumbled, turning away from Antonio and storming towards the door leading outside, grabbing the packet of smokes from my pocket.
"Eh? Oh, hey Toni! H-Ha, you look kinda pissed, kesesese! U-Uh... Ant-Antonio? Wait, what, hey, calm- OUCH, FUCK, OW, ALRIGHT, SORRY, SORRY, I'M OUTTA HERE!"

"Stupid idiot" I grunted, feeling the grass crunch beneath my feet. Soon, I could hear another pair of feet coming towards me, and I had a pretty good clue to who it may be.  

"Lovi, wait up, haha!" Antonio puffed beside me, panting from the run he did  "Ah, I'm out of shape. hey, don't be mad about Gilbert, he's just an idiot"  
"Don't need to tell me twice" I snickered, lighting up the smoke that was in my mouth. Taking a long drag, I held it in for a few moments.
"I'd have to wait a bit to get some"

"WHAT- ACK-!!" I started coughing violently, the smoke being breathed in when that moron said that stupid sentence.  
"Hahah! That's what you get for smoking, Lovi" Antonio snickered, leaning down and pecking me on the cheek quickly before walking down the slope that lead towards the little pond, the water shimmering under the moonlight.  

"I'll show you, bastard" I laughed under my breath. I started running, and before Antonio could notice what I was doing, I had tackled him onto the ground, my arms tight around his waist.  
"Lo- WAHH!" Antonio yelped as we started rolling down the hill, the both of us a tangled mess of limbs and laughing our lungs to fire.  

Once we reached the bottom, we both landed with a 'huff!', but we were still laughing, ignoring the fact that Antonio was on top of me, our faces inches apart.  
Our laughing fit ended up in a pleasurable hum, and I subconsciously leaned up so I could nuzzle into his cheek.  
Once realizing what I had been doing, I took a sharp intake of breath and pulled back, blushing like mad. Antonio looked at me with wide, bright eyes, and his mouth was open slightly.  
My blush though went even darker when he smiled softly and leaned down, brushing my chocolate brown bangs out of my eyes so he could kiss the bridge of my nose softly, his lips feather soft on my skin.  

"… You could at least kiss me properly, Antonio" I murmured, my slim fingers curling into his hair and yanking him forward so my lips were pressed against his soft ones. I had never kissed anyone before, so I had no idea what I was doing... but it was nice.  
A small groan came from the man above me while he moved his fingers from the top of my head to cup my cheek gently in his hands, pulling me flush against him while his lips moved against mine, causing shivers to run down my spine.

Once I pulled out of the kiss to breathe, there was a light in his eyes that I hadn't see before, something like... amazment?
Ugh, I was an idiot...
"I... I'm sorry" I groaned "That's why I locked myself in my room... I knew I was going to do this, end up kissing you when you don't even-
"Don't ruin the moment, mi amor" Antonio snickered, his thumb brushing along my cheek "Don't be sorry, I love you too, Lovino"

I blinked slowly at him, my eyes growing wide with astonishment. He... he loved me back...  
That there, put the most sincere smile I have ever pulled on my face. Even Antonio saw this, because he ended up chuckling. Tightening his grip around my waist, he hauled us back up so I was now in his lap, my arms still hanging over his shoulders.  
"I love you more" I smiled, pressing my hand against his warmed cheek and kissing him again, soft and warm like before, the same kiss that sent butterflies to flutter in my stomach.  
"I love you most" He replied gently against my lips, hugging me close to his chest.

So there we sat, near a moonlight flooded lake where the stars were dancing, and our hearts beating in sync while we kept close to each other, living out the warm breezed night.  

It's enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best
I was going to have to do something with Lion King related songs sooner or later.
Anyway, I'm gonna start getting back into writing soon, it's just with all school and shit, and then thise huge ass writters block, but I'll get back into it this week hopefully!!

For now, some Spamano!
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kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So Adorable I Love this

*Punches Gilbert on the head* How dare you ruin the moment
TwistedWillows Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013
So much WIN!! This is SO well written and honestly just BEAUTIFUL and thank you for giving that perfect amour of fluff and plot and I absolutely love you!! Ha ha and that little bit of Gilbert in there... perfect. XD Brilliant!!!
ShadowmoonXBlackfire Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh golly gosh, thank you so much!! /)//w\\(\ I'm so happy you enjoyed it! 
TwistedWillows Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013
So much WIN!! This is SO well written and honestly just BEAUTIFUL and thank you for giving that perfect amour of fluff and plot and I absolutely love you!! Ha ha and that little bit of Gilbert in there... perfect. XD Brilliant!!!
samirawrr-19 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This was absolutely perfect. The dose of Spamano I needed, haha. Amazing writing - I really like your style!
ShadowmoonXBlackfire Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Ahh, thank you very much! ;w; I've been worried about my writing style, so reading that really made my day! Thank you!
samirawrr-19 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Your style is really great. Pleasant to read, honestly! (:
Chukipye Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
ohmigosh the song totally set the mood EVEN MORE!
ShadowmoonXBlackfire Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, I know!! I love the song! <3
DeviousRaptor Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
:iconhandspazzplz: So cute!! I loved it!!
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