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October 8, 2011
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"SOUL!" I yelled from the kitchen
"Shut up Maka, It's Sunday!" he grunted back, the sun's light filtered through the red curtains, bighting up the atmosphere.
I sighed angrily and took a bite out of my toast "It's Monday dumbass"
He growled from his room and I heard a thump, probably falling out of his bed again.
"BLACK STAR'S HERE TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR DAY!!!!! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!" I heard that loud, annoying voice from outside.
"Be quiet Black*star, people are still sleeping probably!" Tsubaki gasped from outside desperately
"Right, whoops, well, I just made their day so much better, HA HA HA HA HA!!!"
Soul must of heard Black stars voice because he was already coming for the kitchen.
"Mornin'" Soul grunted, his blood red eyes glittering.
"Good Morning" I murmured again, peeling my eyes from his. It had been nearly a month after the attack from the Kishin, and since seeing Soul near death, my feelings for him suddenly seemed to explode outwards.
He ate in silence as per usual, and I walked over to the door to let Black star and Tsubaki in, Black star ran over to Soul while I hugged Tsubaki, one of my closest friends.
"Kid's not here yet with Liz and Patty?" I asked taking another bite.
"Oh, he was going to come, but suddenly though his painting was slightly tilting" Tsubaki giggled softly.
"Of course" I laughed with her "Well, hopefully he isn't late for class, he was last time and Stein nearly dissected him"

"Hey Crona!" I yelled seeing him walk off near a tree. He jumped in surprise and looked over to me, relieved.
"O-oh, Hi Maka" He murmured blushing deeply.
"Haven't seen you in a while, how did the operation go?" I asked softly. He had a large wound down his torso, thanks to that witch and a bitch, Medusa.
"Fine, Stein said I can go back to school" He said cheerily. His gaze darkened slightly "Is Soul mad with me?"
"Why would Soul be mad at you?" I whispered to him, confused.
"He's j-just glaring at us"
I whipped around and saw Soul quickly turn his head, his eyes dark and gloomy.
"Ignore him; he's just upset because he thought it was Sunday" I grumbled grabbing Crona by the hand and pulling him towards class.
"New outfit I see" I chuckled softly while we walked to class.
"Oh, Yeh, the other one was ripped from M-M...." He silenced off on Medusa's name.
"It's okay Crona, she won't be able to hurt you anymore, and we're here, all of us" I murmured grabbing Crona's hand.
Soul snorted behind me
"Piss of Soul" I growled walking slightly faster. Crona had a lime green hoddie on with white jeans
"Steins not in today, did you hear the news's as well about Miss. Marie?" Crona murmured when he took a seat beside me.
"No, I haven't heard anything about them at all"
"Miss. Marie and Professor Stein are getting married!" Crona squeaked happily.
"Really, Wow!" I gasped happily "Oh my god, that's amazing. When are they getting married?"
"I don't know, but Miss. Marie said something to me as well" He blushed "She said she wants to... she wanted to Adopt me"
I beamed up at Crona "Oh Crona, that amazing news. But, will you be okay with it?"
"Of course!" He quivered burying his face into a book, his eyes barely showing, but containing traces of fear.
"Marie and Stein will be good for you Crona, They won't hurt you, they'll love you like a real mother should"
"Really?" He whispered
"Of course" I giggled wrapping my arm around his torso.
He smiled happily

"Why were you so cruel to Crona, Soul?" I snapped at him when we got back from school "He had amazing news, Miss. Marie and Professor Stein are getting married, and they're going to adopt him - then he thinks you're mad at him!"
"Whatever Maka, I'm not the one sucking up to him like a puppy!" He snapped back sitting down on the couch and flicking through channels.
I wanted to Maka chop him so bad, but I couldn't...
"What's your problem with him, he's so nice Soul, give him a chance!" I actually started pleading for Crona.
He switched off the T.V and walked just beside me.
"I was jealous alright, I was jealous of Crona and you" He murmured walking off to his room.
"What?" I whispered, my heart fluttering like a humming bird.
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